Testimony of evil spirit leaving our house
By Ben & Christine Gloyne

CBNGWhile we were packing up our house to move, we were too busy to look for a house we could rent in Wellington. Thankfully our good friends who live there were busy looking for a place for us and found a nice two bedroom place that was really close to my work. We moved in and everything seemed fine for a while but then I began to feel a real oppression come upon me. When I left the house to go to work, the oppression would lift and as soon as we would drive around the corner and see the house again, the oppression would come back on me.
Christine who had not started working yet said she felt a spook was in the house and could see something sometimes dart around out of the corner of her eye. We also started fussing at each other which we normally never do. One night we were lying in bed and talking about these things when she started shaking like she did when she got sick after we got back from our honeymoon. We prayed and the shaking left and Christine saw a mental picture of a large black creature standing at the foot of the bed with two sets of bat like wings. She then saw the Lord standing between her and the creature and realised that nothing can happen to us without God allowing it. The next day we sat down in the lounge and we prayed about it. As we were praying about it, I suddenly felt a fear come over me and I said ‘devil how dare you try and put your fear on us, we rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.’ We continued praying and when we finished, Christine said that when I was praying about the fear, she felt that fear come on her as well. By this time, we realised that there was more than us living in the house. One morning I was thinking about the oppression that I felt when I was in the house. I thought that the reason that I was oppressed here was that the devil wasn’t happy that we had moved up there, if the devil wasn’t happy we were there then that made me happy. When I realised this it made me quite happy and the oppression started to lift. There was still something in the house though and I realised that we had to praise the Lord in order to create an atmosphere so He could come down and drive that devil out of the house. We were still fussing at one another and one day we came to a spot where we had to deal with this thing. Christine was in the lounge and I went in there and said ‘We just need to praise the Lord so He drives this devil out.’ We both felt completely dry and didn’t feel like worshipping God at all but all of a sudden the atmosphere changed in the room and we just started weeping and praising God. I looked up and saw Christine staring at the door with a shocked look on her face, I couldn’t see it but she could see a twisted evil looking man there. I opened the front door of the house so the devil had a way to get out of the house. After this, we never felt oppressed again, we never fussed again and it was peaceful there. Christine offered to drive a workmate around as she did some errands. They stopped off at our place briefly and her workmate who is not a Christian at all said ‘It’s just so peaceful in here.’

 God bless you all, Ben & Christine Gloyne