Christian believers make available free of charge, Bibles and other Christian materials for outreach purposes.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the local church to equip the congregation with Bibles and Christian materials.  Free Bibles are intended for those who can not afford them (e.g. people in prison, personal outreach) and each situation needs to be assessed with regard to availability and suitability.

Available are King James Bibles
various pamphlets and books of different Christian authors, sermons on CD from our local Church meetings, a DVD and sermons of William Branham.

Book by Albert Ruegg From Vanity to Sanity

From Vanity to Sanity is an extended testimony of things that happened in my life.  It is available in book form and can be requested via this website or can be read or listen to by clicking the links below.

Read the book: from vanity to sanity

Listen to the book:

God bless you.

Bro. Albert