Christian Believers are what the name says, believers in Christ. A group of several families and individuals who come together to pray and worship the Lord Jesus Christ and fellowship with one another.

My prayer and desire is for the Lord Jesus Christ  to have pre-eminence in all things and as I (Albert Ruegg) am the pastor over the church, it is my aim to get myself out of the way, so that the Holy Spirit would have full control in doing so.  I am a married man with one wife and 11 children, 7 living at home and four happily married.  I am saved by the grace of God, having had a Holy Ghost experience in February 1980. We are currently meeting on Sunday morning and Tuesday evenings.  Most Sundays we have lunch together and fellowship most of the afternoon. 

As we are trying to reach out to the lost, everyone is made welcome.  Various outreach ministries are being supported by the brethren, such as prison ministry, missionary trips, conventions and family camps.  

There is a bride, ready to meet her heavenly bridegroom Jesus Christ.  The Word of God must come forth in power and demonstration of the Spirit, relevant to meet the need of today.  Where the carcase is, the eagles will be gathered.

The preaching of the cross is the most important message, preached in the full light of God’s Word.  Preaching the full council of God, uncompromising and relevant to our day.  (see for more details under DOCTRINAL)