Stolen key turns into a blessing
By Albert Ruegg

albertIn the back of a shopping mall was my little shop. Next door were some other shops and a restaurant with outdoor seating. My shop was conveniently located in the back, so that I could park my motorbike near the restaurant.

One afternoon I wanted to go home early, but I could not find my motorbike key. I looked everywhere and eventually went out to the motorbike itself. It was then that I realised that I had left the key in the motorbikes ignition lock; – but, it wasn’t there anymore. Someone had stolen my key !

This distressed me very much, because the motorbike had a very complicated ignition key system and a replacement key was virtually an impossibility.

I walked back to my shop and went to the workshop area. There I prayed ‘Lord Jesus, please show me where the key is !’ I was so desperate, that I did not even consider the natural impossibility of my request.

So I walked down the shopping mall towards downtown, looking for my key. At the end of the shopping mall was a big roller door between two pillars. The first place I went to was the left pillar and I bend down to see if my key could be hidden behind there. Overwhelmed with joy, there I found my key ! Praise the Lord !

I was so excited that I went to the restaurant owner next door to tell him the story. He seemed to look somewhat uncomfortable. Especially when I told him, that the God who could show me where the key was, could also show me who stole the key. He seemed to feel better when I said, that I didn’t need to know who took my key.

Afterwards I realised that I prayed for the impossible, but also that the Word of God became a blessed reality, for:
‘with God, all things are possible !’

God bless you

Brother Albert