Back injury miracle

It was just before Christmas 2017 when after playing tennis, I started to get incredible back pains.  No pain killer gave me relief.  There was not a single position I could sit, stand or lie without terrible pains.  Of course I prayed for relief, but the pain continued.

Finally, after Christmas I tried to get some help.  The doctors were closed so I went to a physio therapy.  I was massaged and treated so much until I didn’t know which pain was worse – the physio or my bad back.  After the session I got up and had to be helped from falling over.  I struggled to walk, but made it to my motorbike and off I went towards home.  Getting off the bike, I just fell over.  I had no more control over my  foot.  There was no way that I could lift the front of my foot.  Walking was difficult as I now dragged my foot along.

At the next physio session I informed them of my paralysed foot.  They were shocked and very concerned and advised me, if there was any more changes, to go directly to accident & emergency department at the hospital.  They also arranged a special appointment with a doctor who specialised in back injuries.

Thanks to the physio, I could get an appointment straight away.  The doctor checked me out and booked me in for a MRI scan.  Before I had the results I started to go to a hot pool, trying to get some pain relief and also hoping that it may fix my paralysed foot.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work. I actually resigned to the possibility of being a cripple for the rest of my life.

Finally, as the scan results became available, I had another appointment with the doctor.  On my way to the doctor I prayed very specifically.  Since I didn’t experience healing, I thought that it may be God’s will to go through with medical treatment.  Therefore I asked the Lord to speak through the doctor and that I was willing to do whatever he would suggest.

So it was.  The doctor showed me the scan and told me that he hasn’t seen anything as bad as this before.   He suggested, that I should have an operation straight away so I would have a slim chance for my foot to work again.  He looked a bit surprised when I agreed straight away.

Now I had appointments with various hospital staff and then, 10 days later was the date for the operation.

At the hospital I was prepared for the operation, including medication.  Now I was wearing an operating gown and was wheeled to the operating theater.  First the anaesthetist came, pulled down his mask and explained to me what he was about to do and possible soreness in my throat after the operation.

Then came the doctor, all dressed up and ready to operate.  I must have looked a bit nervous, because He gave me a “last” pat on the shoulder and said: ”How are you feeling?”  Instantly I said: ”A lot better.”  Now he looked a bit surprised and started to check my leg and foot again.  Then he asked me if I could walk.  I got off the bed and walked up and down, dragging my foot along.

Now something strange happened.  Suddenly, there seemed to be an unusual atmosphere.  The doctor paused for a moment, tilted his head slightly to the side and looking straight into my eyes he said:” If I were you, I’d cancel the operation”.

Now a great feeling of relief and God’s leading came over me and with no hesitation, I cancelled the operation.

After I got changed, I walked back to the foyer.  The nurses were very surprised to see me and asked me: “What have you done?”  With a smile I replied:” I prayed.”  The nurses were very friendly and prepared something to eat for me.  While waiting for the food I rang my wife.  She was very surprised that all went so quickly.  Once I informed her that I opted out of the operation, she burst into tears.  Tears of joy and also relief for not having to nurse me for the next three months.

I went home, still suffering from drop-foot, but convinced, that the Lord was in all this.

After another three days I got up in the morning and, praise the Lord, I was perfectly well again.  My foot worked again and all pains were gone.

I had already received a get well card from the members of the tennis club and when I played in a tennis tournament a week later, they were in utter disbelief.

With man it is impossible, with God all things are possible.

Bro Albert Ruegg

6th. August 2023 (Here I am nearly six years later.  I am pain free, run and jump like a goat, play tennis, ride motorbikes, go hunting and fishing)  Praise the Lord!