For many years our family had known Mr. Smith, a neighbouring farmer, as a helpful and generous man. Over the years, most of our children have helped him on the farm and were also helped by him.  About two years ago, one of my children came home very upset, because Mr. Smith had been admitted to hospital and diagnosed with cancer.  He was an 85 year old widower that kept to himself and as he was very shy, I never had a conversation with him that lasted for more than about one minute.  Things got progressively worse as the cancer took hold of him and he now had to start selling off his animals, even the chickens. In a short time he was in a lot of pain and he lost so much weight that he looked like a skeleton. My son Joseph told me, that Mr. Smith still had a rifle to get rid of and offered it to me. Off I went to purchase the rifle. When I asked for the price, Mr. Smith said that he didn’t need money anymore, and that I could give him whatever I wanted. He further told me, that the doctor only gave him 2 more weeks to live, but that he thought that he would die before the two weeks was up. It was a sad visit.  “There is nothing one can do” he said. To this I replied: “ All I know are things of the Lord and to pray.” At this, Mr. Smith got a bit nervous and said goodbye. As I left, I mentioned to him, that if he would ever feel like to talking to me or praying with me, that he could ring me any day or night time.

I went home and about one and half hours later I was very surprised when Mr. Smith rang me. He told me that he wanted to talk to me. I believe that it took Mr. Smith a lot of overcoming his shyness to ring me. Straight away, I went back to his house. We sat down and Mr. Smith started to explain to me, how the pains he suffered had become more severe and a lot sharper. He talked to me like one would talk to a doctor. Again, I do not know what the doctors know, but I know what the Bible says about these things.

Now, I started to tell him about the Lord and what the Word of God says. I explained, that the growth had a life which was not from God, but that a wrong spirit was giving life to the cancer. I then mentioned to him, that the Bible says, that we can cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and that they will recover. By now I asked Mr. Smith if he would like me to pray. He agreed. I then said that he had to have faith. “I have faith” Mr. Smith exclaimed. I now got up, stood next to him, placed my hand on him and started to pray. First I asked the Lord to forgive him his sins and I committed them under the Blood of Jesus Christ. Then I prayed against that demon of cancer. I told the devil to leave in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! About a minute after the prayer, Mr. Smith said that the pains were going away. Wonderful, I thought. I then encouraged him to hold on and believe no matter how the feelings may change. To my surprise, Mr. Smith asked me how much I charged. Of course there is no charge. Freely I have received and freely I give! The following Monday, Mr. Smith went to the doctor to be checked. No cancer there! The doctor was very puzzled. Mr. Smith too, so he went to another doctor and had the same confirmed. Praise the Lord! I visited Mr. Smith a few months later and nearly didn’t recognise him, because he put on weight again and therefore looked quite different. About a year later, Mr Smith had to go to the doctor for an unrelated matter. He was given the wrong medication and ended up at the hospital. Of course,  according to the medical records they checked him for cancer. No cancer – just wrong medication. What a miracle. Unfortunately, these miracles are hardly acknowledged and brushed aside as coincidences, or the doctors must have had it wrong.  Then, the pains were only imagination and the loss of weight just happened? Not for the believers! We serve a living God who is true to His Word! Praise and glory be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! He is our Saviour and our Healer too.

To date, over years later, September 2016, Mr. Smith is now 88 years old and still alive and well, living at a rest home and this testimony can be verified to satisfy the skeptics.

(by Albert Ruegg)